Balanced Body: Weight Loss and Management

At Blume Acupuncture & Wellness, we believe it’s possible to be healthy at various sizes. We also know that many people have weights or sizes at which they feel their best and they wish to return to. When you visit our clinic for weight management treatment, your practitioner will do a thorough intake and use yin/yang principles and 12 channel theory to look at your entire picture and gauge what direction you should head in order to find the most supreme balance and acceptance in your life and body.  We recognize that weight imbalances are often symptoms stemming from other unresolved issues, and our goal is to get to the true root of the problem so that long-term benefits can be realized.

Our treatments incorporate acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and qi gong combined with realistic goals and steps to help people get to their most balanced, happy, and healthy state.  Whether you’re dealing with sluggish digestion, emotional eating, binge eating, or difficulty gaining or losing weight, we’d love to help you take that next step toward feeling your best.

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