Meet Julie

Julie Blume Oeur is the founder and director of Blume Acupuncture & Wellness. She is a licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts and graduate of OCOM, the top Oriental Medicine school in the country, where she extensively studied acupuncture theory and practice during OCOM’s four-year intensive graduate degree program. She is trained in Chinese herbal remedies and formula building, shiatsu and tuina massage techniques, qi gong, and nutrition, and has experience treating pain conditions (such as low back, neck, or abdominal pain), headaches, neuropathies, mental emotional imbalances, infertility, and much, much more. Julie is also a yoga teacher with over 300-hours of training in vinyasa and prenatal instruction, an eating psychology coach through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and a former professional dancer with the New York City based Parsons Dance Company. Julie understands what it is like to aspire to have your body perform at its optimal level, and wants to help more people—athletes and non-athletes alike—realize this beautiful sensation. Julie cares deeply about her patients and will work hard to help them realize the results of their dreams.

“It wasn’t the needles that drew me to Chinese Medicine. Nor the herbs. Nor the moxa, cupping, or gua sha. What drew me to this field was my strong desire to help individuals and communities realize their fullest potential: in health, in strength, and in vitality.
After retiring from my career as a dancer in 2011, I looked into various healing approaches—western and eastern—that would fill this desire in a subsequent career. It soon became clear to me that Chinese Medicine views the body the way I have my entire dance-filled life—as an indivisible and interconnected system. Sitting at the intersection of ancient artistry and modern science, the systemic values and healing potential within Chinese Medicine quickly captured my interest.
After four years of full-time study including a year of clinical practice, I received a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I am so glad to be sharing this medicine with my new Massachusetts community and neighbors.”

  • Shayla S.

    “My treatments with Julie have been wonderful. She is extremely caring and easy to talk to. I felt that she was very willing to listen and felt her sympathy/empathy and ability to connect and provide a safe environment to express feelings and emotions.”

  • Chenoa M.

    “Julie is fantastic. She was able to key in on muscular issues I had been struggling with despite other therapies for years. She is kind, compassionate, and listens. She helped me learn to listen to my body which has always been a challenge. Many clarity and energy issues have overall improved since seeing her. I can’t say enough good things!”

  • Jeanne R.

    “Julie has a thoughtful, sensitive, gentle approach that gives patients confidence.   She also has the curiosity to continue learning and searching for new, effective treatments to help patients with whatever health issue they’re dealing with. She has the temperament and the intelligence to succeed at the highest level. Julie, I sincerely appreciate your tender, loving care……….as well as your patience with my questions.”

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