Kenzie R.

“My headache is gone and it has been gone since last night! I slept amazing last night and woke up before my alarm – first time I’ve done that all week! I am so thankful for yesterday’s treatment as today was really hard at work – I needed to be on my game and I was because of acupuncture and I feel much more emotionally balanced. “

Wendy A.

“Within months of appointments with Julie and her prescribed treatment plan, I am free of the chronic back pain that I have experienced for 20 years. I have brought other health concerns to Julie and am amazed by the results of my improved health under her care. She is gentle, attentive and an active listener who upholds respect in her practice, and I have found her knowledge and professionalism to be vital in my journey to better health.”

Jeanne R.

“Julie has a thoughtful, sensitive, gentle approach that gives patients confidence.   She also has the curiosity to continue learning and searching for new, effective treatments to help patients with whatever health issue they’re dealing with. She has the temperament and the intelligence to succeed at the highest level. Julie, I sincerely appreciate your tender, loving care……….as well as your patience with my questions.”

Chenoa M.

“Julie is fantastic. She was able to key in on muscular issues I had been struggling with despite other therapies for years. She is kind, compassionate, and listens. She helped me learn to listen to my body which has always been a challenge. Many clarity and energy issues have overall improved since seeing her. I can’t say enough good things!”

Shayla S.

“My treatments with Julie have been wonderful. She is extremely caring and easy to talk to. I felt that she was very willing to listen and felt her sympathy/empathy and ability to connect and provide a safe environment to express feelings and emotions.”

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