Specific Conditions

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Chinese Medicine is able to effectively treat a variety of conditions, whether they manifest at the physical or mental-emotional level. The goal of Chinese Medicine is to treat the cause, no just the symptoms. After a thorough assessment of your medical history and symptoms, your acupuncturist will identify a pattern to best explain your current state.  The pattern is a description of how an illness arises, progresses, and affects other systems. By focusing on the pattern rather than the manifestations, the treatment is designed to have a more lasting effect restoring balance and harmony internally. Because of this pattern/balancing approach to medicine, there is really nothing that we can’t attempt to treat using Chinese Medicine.  Some conditions require more regular treatments (for example, 3 visits per week), while others require visits just once or twice per month.  At Blume Acupuncture & Wellness your treatment is completely individualized to suit your wellness goals and needs.

Some of the conditions that are often treated at our clinic include pain relief (low back, neck, shoulder, headaches, carpal tunnel, TMJ/TMD, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritic pain); fertility support (infertility, PMS, irregular cycles, IVF, IUI), mental-emotional imbalances (depression, anxiety, grief); weight management (weight gain or loss, body image, disordered eating), sleep disorders (insomnia, chronic fatigue); seasonal allergies; digestive complaints (IBS, constipation, bloat, heartburn); mens’ and womens’ health (erectile dysfunction, menstrual pain, PCOS, menopause symptoms); preventative health, and much more.

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